Maria Varmazis

Content & Social Media Consulting



It takes dedication to create a podcast that can go the distance, as well as a willingness to iterate as your show finds its feet. And of course, you also need great hosts and guests who know how to keep a show flowing and engage the audience. If you need a guest for your show, guidance on launching your new podcast, or your existing show needs a short in the arm, I can help.

Before podcasts were a thing, I got my start in journalism with live on-air radio work, where I was a morning news anchor as well as host of my own show, so I learned the ropes about what makes for good audio back then to a broadcast audience. I take pride in being a prepared and actively listening podcast guest, as eager to answer questions as I am to ask them.

I’m happy to be a guest on your podcast to talk about:

My expertise is in IT and information security communications. While I’m a geek for this stuff, I am by no means a technical expert and do not pretend to be one. I’m a better fit for podcasts with a broader target audience than those looking to do technical deep-dives.

Example podcast appearances and work

I’ve appeared on dozens of episodes of the award-winning security podcast Smashing Security, as well as Patreon-only features.

I wrote the script for “Graves’ Grades," an exclusive Patreon-only episode of Darknet Diaries.

I’m the new cohost of the humor podcast Sticky Pickles, and also in charge of its social media channels and promotions.

I made a guest appearance on The CyberWire Daily Podcast to talk about vulnerabilities in the game Fortnite.

Want me on your show?

Send me a message and let me know how I can help.