Maria Varmazis

Content & Social Media Consulting

About Maria

Hi there 👋

The tl;dr

Consulting since 2016


Education: University of Massachusetts Amherst, B.A. in Journalism, summa cum laude, Kappa Tau Alpha award for excellence in journalism and mass communication

The longer story

My career started in trade journalism and editorial work, and I shifted over to corporate marketing and communications for B2B information security software companies including Sophos and Rapid7, putting both my computer science and journalism studies to work.

My communications career started in more traditional corporate marketing and website development, but quickly expanded into audio and video production as well as social media strategy. When I started my Community Manager role at Rapid7, my role included supporting and learning from the information security community at events around the United States, from BlackHat and DEF CON to Derbycon and various BSides events around the country. (Chances are if we were at the same conference, we may have met at the lockpicking table.)

Whatever’s new, I love to try it out so I can honestly tell you what I think from hands-on experience. After all, the new shiny thing doesn’t always make sense to pursue, but when it does it’s a lot of fun. I love to take things apart to find out how they work. This is how I taught myself HTML in the 90s—by examining other websites and shaping the raw code into something of my own. Heck, I taught myself the basics of Hugo and coded this website too.

I love to ride my bicycle — I’m not training for the Tour de France, but you’ll find me out on bike paths when the weather’s right. I am unabashedly a big ol’ nerd and a geek for lots of things, especially Star Trek, but I promise not to be too annoying about it… unless you ask, then all bets are off.

As you might guess by my name, I’m American by way of two Greek immigrant parents. I’m happily married to my husband Eric, and mother to the most brilliant and rambunctious daughter in the universe. We live just outside of Boston, Massachusetts.