Maria Varmazis

Content & Social Media Consulting

Content & Social Media Marketing Consulting

Here’s what I’m up to:

🌌 I’m the Space Correspondent for The CyberWire Daily podcast, covering cybersecurity in space. Space-cyber is such an exciting intersection of things I am a geek for at a truly exciting moment for (what’s often called) this second space age we’re in.

🎧 I’m a frequent guest on the award-winning security podcast Smashing Security, where we discuss the latest tech news in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. It’s also how I exposed a lot of new people to Zardoz. Sorry not sorry.

🥒 For fun, I’m cohost of the Sticky Pickles podcast, where we talk about tricky/sticky real-life problems and how you might get out of them. It’s like a tabletop exercise for awkward situations. Carole and I have been working on this show now for four seasons and still going! Obligatory “please rate & subscribe” comment if you like what you hear.

🖋️ Find me on Mastodon:

📩 If you’d like me to appear on your podcast, write for your blog, or do some content or social media consulting with your organization, please contact me and I’ll be in touch.

💭 I wrote an article on why avoiding FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) is so important when creating content for the IT and infosec industries. Many folks found it handy when it was first published, perhaps you’ll like it too.