Maria Varmazis

Content & Social Media Consulting

Content strategy, management & development

Content strategy, management & development

None of us consume content in just one way, which is why I believe that the core idea for content really sings when it’s adapted for a variety of channels.

Making content, regardless of format, takes quite a bit of work and resources, so my philosophy is to squeeze every drop out of content: Reformat it, plan a robust promotion campaign around it, make sure that people can consume it in a variety of ways so it reaches the widest possible audience, effectively.

The content services I offer include:

Work Samples

As you might imagine working primarily for information security clients, most of my client work is proprietary and not publicly disclosable. Samples of my public work is below, and additional samples are available upon request.


Technical & corporate audience

Often the value proposition for corporate blogging is to tie product strengths to relevant current events, as well as promote gated content, like webinars and whitepapers. Sample work of mine in this vein:

Broad target audience

Sometimes part of a B2B communication strategy to broaden brand awareness is to appeal to a broader, non-customer audience. This often involves creating a lot of “explainer” content. The example blogs below are targeted at an audience with little to moderate information security knowledge, and the goal is to educate on important privacy and security topics without relying on jargon or FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt).

Video production

Promotional video: High-level product pitch

In addition to scripting and editing this video, I also provided the voiceover — truly a beginning-to-end effort with this project. We needed a hero video for the very top of the app’s landing page, one that could explain the product’s feature set and unique differentiators, as well as show off the product at work. We made a series of feature-benefit explainer videos to accompany this video as well.

Promotional video: Quick, impactful social media content

Short and sweet video for social media, especially Twitter. Content like this needed to be match corporate voice and standards — a higher level of polish than what we could film on a cell phone — but also filmed and published quickly as to be timely and relevant. We pushed this video primarily on social media but also created an accompanying internal promo email to encourage staff to share the video with prospects and customers.

Educational video: Explaining a core product feature

In response to sales feedback that certain key product features weren’t well understood by prospects and existing customers, we created a series of feature walk-through videos with a gimmick of a two-minute timer. I scripted, filmed, and edited this series of explainers, which was part of a larger promotional campaign we built with our sales team.

Educational video: Addressing a customer pain point

We created this video to educate prospects, customers and the general public about a time-sensitive issue, as this particular attack was prevalent in the news at the time and a particular pain point for customers. We referenced this video heavily in a great deal of outbound content and blog posts, so this also served as a brand-awareness video to establish expertise.

Brand awareness video: Promoting in-house expertise

This video was purposely higher production value, and we collaborated with a video studio for the filming. We wanted to highlight the fantastic experts working for our customers and have them directly address major customer questions and pains. This video complemented existing corporate content (such as print collateral and blogs), and was used for playback in tradeshow booths and showcased on the website.